100% Premium
Turkish Cotton

Handcrafted in Turkey by a team of authentic Turkish artisans, our towels are far more than just a place to dry your hands. Each of our towels tell the story of our manufacturer in a small Turkish town where mainly female artisans use their antique handlooms to weave each towel right in their own homes. When you dry off with one of our towels, you're choosing to support these families and their community.

Using only 100% premium Turkish cotton that is completely free of harmful chemicals, the result is towels that are super soft, highly absorbent, and very durable. Rest assured, we stand behind all of our products and are here to offer you only the best.



Helping make your life run more smoothly so you have more time for what matters most.


Hi, I’m Lacey, founder of Kawa Co, wife, and mom of three.

By the time my third baby came along, I was well aware of how quickly the baby and toddler phases pass. This time around, I was determined to soak up the magic of the early years as much as I could. One thing’s for sure though, it is hard to soak up any magic when the house feels chaotic and cluttered. I knew if I wanted to create space for more calm and connection in our home, things needed to change. I started taking small steps toward being more intentional with every THING in our physical space, and asking things like: What purpose is it serving? Do I really use this? Is it working well? Does it have an actual place where it belongs? The more intentional I became with our physical space, the more emotional space opened up for the cute faces and hearts within our home. And it felt so. dang. good.

I've found that the more streamlined and intentional my house is, the more space there is for connection with the people that actually live there. Does this mean my house always looks perfect? Not even close. But do I try to be intentional with our space and our time? Absolutely. And I'd love to help you do the same. All of our products at Kawa Co are specifically designed to help you and your family move through your house with more ease. We'd love to help you free up more physical AND emotional space for more memories and magic with the people you love.

xo, Lacey